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Used refrigeration equipment

With over 55.000 m2 of inventory HOS BV is Europe’s largest specialist for used refrigeration equipment. We sell refrigeration equipment in the following categories:

Testing your refrigeration equipment:

All equipment sold by HOS BV is subjected to rigorous testing, different protocols for the various types of equipment and if required equipment can be fully overhauled as well, typically this goes mostly for compressor units. Optionally equipment can be spray-painted for a brand new appearance.

Engineering your installation:

Our engineering department can run all necessary calculations for your installation as well. Based on information gathered from you we will convert this into a technical concept for you with proposed equipment. We can do this for any type of installation such as for example cold storage, blast freezers, spiral freezers or any conceivable combination of those.

Selling your equipment to HOS BV:

We also buy and de-install installations from all over the world. We have a team of certified specialist to carry out these de-installations within the context of current rules and regulations by the governing bodies in the countries that we operate in.

In the vast majority of cases this is equipment that can lead a perfect second life with the proper attention and labor.

Rental Solutions:

Mostly for water chillers renting can be a good option, for example when a period of time needs to be bridged prior to the delivery of a new installation. But also from a pure financial point of view or budget restrictions this could be a good option.

Choosing HOS BV as your partner for refrigeration equipment means choosing for a flexible, sustainable and cost-effective solution.